There’s no other way…

It would be bad to generalise that the whole Britpop movement has sold out and moved to Chipping Norton. They haven’t. But a couple of them are doing so in dramatic style recently. A colleagues recent endulgance of an Alex James cheese highlighted this worrying trend….

Despite my semi Northern roots I agree that Blur were a clear winner on the Oasis/Blur standoff, but still maintain that Oasis had the bigger impact and are the poster boys for this coked up stupidity of this era.  Albarn, a bit of a dick but is still producing some great music. Coxon, arguably more of a knob but still can bang out a tune. Rowntree, I like his politics.

But James, cor blimey, he’s sold his soul to the establishment and joined the ever growing foodie superiority middle classes. The man has written for the Spectator and the Sun. He promotes corned beef. He is now flogging cheese in Asda. He resides and merrily pimps out his soul in Chipping Norton, who Clarkson’s claims to be a mate of ( with of course that photo ( of the chums he invited to his festival. But at the end of the day he’s easily forgiveable, he has the air of a bloke who doesn’t quite know what he’s got himself into and be a loveable twit, and is merrily making a few quid while enjoying live with his wife and kids.

But Coker (and …Gondry!), Eurostar, WTF???

all you can do is watch them play.

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  1. Good point made by my flatmate, James has always been a right wing posh boy, so at least he’s consistent!


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