Getting a bit handsie…


I’ve been largely avoiding photoediting on the basis A) I need to figure out how to take a decent photo first and B) it’s a whole new thing to learn, and largely restricted myself to a bit of cropping/colour adjustment.

However a stinking hangover and the release of Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android is a great excuse to have a play and get a bit handsie with some pics.

It’s a lite version of the full package as you’d imagine for 7 quid on a tablet, but does bring with it some more advanced features like layers and easy synching with the desktop version via the cloud. With some pretty good tutorials and the whole intuitive nature of using a touch screen it’s pretty quick to pick up.

On the downside, browsing photos still involves a heavy lag as I’ve found with all Honeycomb apps, and it fails to recognise an SD card plugged into my Asus Transformer keyboard so requires a bit of copy and pasting. And maddingly it still restricts the resolution of all images you’re playing with (1200 x 1200) like every other photo editing program on Android, presumably a hardware restriction but if I can play HD films presumably not that big an issue to solve? Any one please?