Kept Off The Grass

Now the stupidity and press coverage from Keep Off The Grass has stopped, time to look at my highlights:

  • Getting that bastion of the right wing the Daily Mail website to use my quote “‘I’ve had many a great time on grass, rolling around, frolicking, admiring, and altogether enjoying its lush texture and greenness. I love the stuff.”
  • Four grown men cheering at work as it appeared on BBC London (without any sort of credit for me mind you), and the story hitting the number one most watched story on the beeb website.
  • Hitting the infamous third page of the Metro, the home for all trivial matters for London commuters.
  • Along with the Sun, the Telegraph, the Evening Standard, the Daily Star, appearing in a hell of a lot of blogs, including random  foreign ones

What did I learn? Not a lot. Apparently it had been up for years when their was more grass and the residents had just paved over it with drives.

I did find out that despite spending my most successful campaign of the year was a funny photograph, and was fundamentally pointless. Which is great!

But what I did love, in response to being accused of wasting money and erecting pointless expensive signs, the council responded by paying to have it removed.

Keep off the grass sign, we mourn you……